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Impacted Cuspid and elastic

Exposure and bonding treatment is designed to treat impacted canine teeth. Impaction occurs when the tooth is blocked or prevented from erupting into its proper position. There are different causes of canine tooth impaction, such as overcrowding, abnormal growth, or baby teeth that have not fallen out. Exposure and bonding treatment works by first creating the necessary amount of space in the mouth and then gradually guiding the impacted tooth into its proper position. 

Did You Know?

Wisdom teeth and canine teeth are the most common types of teeth to become impacted. Since wisdom teeth are not necessary for a proper bite, impacted wisdom teeth are generally extracted to prevent future complications. Impacted canines, on the other hand, require a different treatment approach. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does my child need exposure and bonding treatment?

Your child may need exposure and bonding treatment if they have one or more upper canine teeth that have failed to erupt properly. The upper canines are necessary to maintain a proper bite and are important for chewing. Once your child reaches the age of 7, the growth and development of their upper canines will be closely monitored. If your dentist suspects an impaction, then you will likely be referred to an oral surgeon and your child may require exposure and bonding treatment. To determine if exposure and bonding treatment is necessary, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mehdi Matin of West Coast Oral Surgery today. 

What can my child expect when having exposure and bonding treatment at West Coast Oral Surgery?

When receiving exposure and bonding treatment at West Coast Oral Surgery, Dr. Mehdi Matin will work closely with your child’s orthodontist. First, your child’s orthodontist will place metal braces on your child’s teeth in order to gradually create the space necessary for the impacted tooth. Once there is enough space for the impacted tooth, Dr. Mehdi Matin will perform a minor oral surgery to expose the tooth and attach a small bracket to the permanent tooth. If the primary tooth is still present, then it will be extracted at this time as well. The bracket will be attached via a small chain to the braces archwire and used to gradually guide the permanent tooth into its proper position. In cases where both upper canines are impacted, this procedure will be performed on either side of the mouth. 

What can my child expect after having exposure and bonding treatment?

After the procedure, Dr. Mehdi Matin will provide you with post-operative instructions to follow during your child’s recovery. The affected tooth will likely have packing around the tooth to prevent the gum tissue from growing over the tooth. Within the first 24 hours of surgery, it is normal to experience minor bleeding, swelling, and discomfort. Dr. Matin will provide you with information on how to manage these things, as well as what to feed your child during their recovery. Within a week or two of having the tooth exposed, you will need to have your child’s orthodontist activate the chain by attaching it to the archwire. 

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