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West Coast Oral Surgery is available for all your dental needs. We’re here for you whether you’ve experienced a dental injury or are looking to improve your overall smile. That’s why we provide Botox treatments and dermal fillers to improve your overall appearance. These treatments make it possible to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. They can also improve the outcomes of treatments done as part of dental therapy.

How Botox and Dermal Fillers Work For Cosmetic Dentistry

Botox has been appearing in the dental industry more and moreover the years. However, it still comes as a surprise to many patients. It got its start in the cosmetics industry before it moved into the medical sphere. The successful use of Botox to treat various medical conditions led to growing interest in the dental industry. It quickly became evident that Botox was effective at treating numerous dental conditions. Bruxism and TMJ Disorder are just two cases where it has proven beneficial. It’s also been used to aid in training muscles for denture fittings. 

Shortly afterward, it became clear that Botox was useful for cosmetic dentistry as well. Some of the treatment options involving Botox include.

  • Gummy Smile – Some patients experience concerns over excessive gum showing in their smiles. Botox injected in the upper lip can reduce the appearance of gums when smiling by reducing lip motion.
  • Wide Jaw Lines – When the masseter muscle of the jaw is causing the appearance of a wide jawline, Botox can help. The reduction in muscle mass that results slims the profile of the jaw. Botox can achieve this through dental therapy or as an aesthetic treatment.
  • Wrinkles, Lines, Creases – Facial wrinkles can often be reduced through the use of Botox. This treatment lowers stress in the muscles, induces relaxation in the skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, creases, and lines as a result.

Dermal fillers play an important role in improving your smile as well. As we age, our mouths develop creases and lines. These lines and creases can become worse over time, but dermal fillers can help reduce their appearance. Fillers work by reinvigorating skin, encouraging collagen growth, and providing fullness to the areas affected by these creases. While these treatments are not permanent, they are inexpensive and can be reapplied as needed.

Learn How West Coast Oral Surgery Can Improve Your Smile

Are you ready to discover what Botox and dermal fillers can do for your smile? Reach out to West Coast Oral Surgery to arrange a consultation today! We’ll arrange for your consultation with Dr. Matin in San Diego, CA, for an exam. During your visit, Dr. Matin will go over the cosmetic concerns you have. Together you’ll develop a treatment plan and determine what approaches are appropriate for you. Don’t let the signs of aging keep you from having a beautiful smile. Call now and see what Botox and dermal fillers can do for you!

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