Dr. Chang

As I look back at my experience in your office I feel compelled to let you know how much I appreciate not just the care, but also the "inviting" atmosphere of the staff. Your staff and you compliment each other in making patients feel comfortable and cared for. I was aware of your professional work you do, but to have pleasant conditions was a welcome bonus. Please tell the girls I will make a healthy lunch and bring it to your office. I will call and ask what day I can do this.


M. Spira


Dr. Andrew Chang,

Thank you so much for your work & your care of my son. During both of his surgeries you & your staff were so friendly & made all of us feel so comfortable. You have a great bedside manner & made J.J. feel less nervous - he was only 8 when we did his first surgery! I want to let you know his tooth is finally down! Yeah!

Thanks again for everything

K. Johnson & family


Dear Dr. Chang & Staff,

Thank you so much for such a stress & worry free experience! Although I was a little nervous at first, everyone was extremely friendly which was very comforting. Everyone did such a great job that I was literally up on my feet the very next day to teach figure skating! Once again, thank you for being so wonderful and I know when I come back in January to take out my top wisdom teeth I will be in good hands! See you soon!


K. Nguyen


Dear Dr. Chang and staff-

I has been more than ten years since I've had my wisdom teeth pulled. And now it was my daughter's turn. The excellent customer service all around has not changed. Everyone has made our experiences very comfortable all the way through the entire process. We are actually at ease for our next family member's turn next year.


The Cordero Family


Dr. Chang and staff-

Many thanks for the excellent and professional manner in which you extracted one of my teeth on Friday, September 24th. It has healed very well and caused me very little pain and suffering. Your employees were very courteous and most efficient too so I include them and ask God to bless all of you!

Most Sincerely,

L. Amundson (World War II Veteran)


Dr. Chang & Staff.

I want to thank you with all my heart for taking care of my precious daughter. As you can imagine this was one of the most difficult times of my life as a Mom. You are blessed with a kind & compassionate staff. I have never seen a greater group of caring people in a doctor's office. Took me a long time to write this note but every time I'd start I would cry. You are my hero.


D. Ryan



Thanks so much for easing Hailey's fears about having her wisdom teeth pulled. She was so nervous and thanks to you, it turned out fine! We can send her off to college with one less "worry" on our list.


D. Willingham


Dear Dr. Chang,

Thank you for your professionalism and compassion towards me while having my four wisdom teeth extracted. I was very nervous at first, yet you calmed my anxiety and fear and gave me confidence in your ability. Thank you for seeing me through the experience!


K. Brees


Dear Dr. Chang,

Thank you for being so brilliant and kind. I hope you know how much I appreciate all that you do. May this Thanksgiving find you surrounded by the love of family & friends-

With gratitude-

J. Mulligan


Dear Dr. Chang,

Thank you so much for taking good care of me. In the beginning, I was scared, but as soon as you walked into the room, I was relaxed. I may have been in pain afterwards, but in my mind I kept thinking about how you took good care of me and made me feel at ease with the surgery. THANK YOU!

K. Wyatt


Dear Dr. Chang,

I just wanted to write and let you know just how well everything went on my visit. I have a phobia about "dentistry" not dentists. When I came in on Friday the 23rd I was just there to see what could be done about my two wisdom teeth and nothing more. When you told me that you could extract both wisdom teeth "right now" I almost got up and left as I did not know if I could go through with it without either some time to get ready or being put to sleep. But you were so confident that it would not be much of a problem that I said to myself, "just grab your wrists and squeeze hard through the hour long process (my thoughts and not what you told me). As I sat waiting for the numbing to take hold I knew I was going to pass out during the procedure so all would be just fine until I woke up (sort of a self administered general anesthesia). You came in with your assistant, began working and before I could either pass out or squeeze my wrists you were finished. I could not believe what I had just experienced - absolutely no pain, no massive pulling and/or shaking of my head back and forth, no sounds like tree roots breaking, absolutely no issues at all during the entire "two minute" or so procedure. To say that I was astonished is an understatement. You and your staff were so professional and courteous and I am so happy that my dentist referred me to you. Thank you again for all that you did for me on this day.

T. Avey, Sr.


Dear Dr. Chang,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for fixing my chin from another doctor's botched jaw surgery procedure. I endured two subsequent unsuccessful surgeries during the following year by the same doctor in attempts to fix what never should have been done to begin with. Dr. Chang, I truly appreciate your extremely conservative approach and utmost concern for what was in my best interest health-wise. Thankfully, you were able to make such an improvement that I could see my old self in the mirror after coming home from your surgery for the first time in over a decade! Of course I am even happier two months post-op and have a new outlook thanks to you and your incredible staff. There is a lot more to being a great surgeon than head knowledge and skill alone - a patient is basically hiring an artist as well when they have cosmetic surgery so be sure you are completely in sync with the doctor regarding what you view to be aesthetically pleasing. Thank you, Dr. Chang and staff, a thousand times over!

L. Trees


Hello Dr. Chang -

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us for wisdom teeth extraction! You have exceeded our expectations as an oral surgeon. You and your staff are incredibly efficient, caring and kind. And, you are a brilliant surgeon with incredible "bed-side manners". Meeting up with us outside of hours to alleviate pain was over and above what we ever thought doctors would ever take the time to do. But you are different, and for that we are extremely grateful and wish you continued success in the future!


B. and Z. DiMeo


Dear Dr. Chang,

This letter is long overdue. Please allow me to express my belated "Thank You." I needed a total of eight dental implants and was somewhat apprehensive when I first went to your office back in 2005. You put me at ease immediately during our initial consultation session. The procedure went very smoothly. Your personal attention to your patients, your skill and professionalism, in my view, are some of the outstanding traits that put you far above other dental practitioners. I also would like to mention that you have a wonderful staff. All your assistants and nurses are very friendly, efficient and professional. I am very lucky to have you as my dental specialist. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you very much for a superb implant job.


J. Chen


Dr. Chang

Thank you so much for taking excellent care of Ali. It's always a little unsettling when she has any kind of procedure, but you and your staff were wonderful. I really appreciate every care of her. She is doing great....in a little pain, but other than that....Great!! We can't thank you enough!!

P.S.  She hated the photo!!

C. Elias


Dr. Chang

I would like to thank you not only for your kindness but for your skill and efficiency consistently demonstrated in my treatment. The high quality of care that you and your team have provided is greatly appreciated!

J. Bourdages


Dear Dr. Chang,
My deepest thanks for such a smooth surgery!  For the prospective patients reading this testimonial, let me assure you that the decision to get my wisdom teeth did not come easy.  When I was about 13 years old, I had to have 4 of my teeth removed to make room for my teeth to be straightened via braces.  Not to sound too dramatic, but that was the most traumatizing experience of my entire life!  I can't remember another time where I felt so helpless, so much pain, and so much fear.  Needless to say, I did not return to the dentist for another ten years plus, post extraction.  And I was extremely uncomfortable going back.   However, I was having an excruciating amount of tmj, headaches and numbness in my jaw.  So I went to Dr. Nguyen, DDS and he referred me over to Dr. Chang.  He couldn't have referred me to anyone better.  :]  Being the big baby that I am, I asked my mom to come down to San Diego to accompany me to Dr. Chang's office and lo and behold I have much family history at the San Diego Center for Oral and Facial Surgery.  It turns out that Dr. Cutri took my sister's wisdom teeth out when she was about my age, and Dr. Cutri's previous associate took out my brother's wisdom teeth before that!  I guess it was destiny.  As Dr. Chang retorted when I told him the news, "We're spanning the generations!"

Dr. Chang, despite my horrific past experiences! Haha, I was really as comfortable as I let myself be at your office.  A big part of it was that you really put my fears aside.  It was your confidence, your sense of humor and your gentle and sympathetic approach.  I hope you know that you really did make a difference in what could have been another traumatic experience!  Thanks for helping me conquer one of my biggest fears!  Oh, and umn.  I'm really sorry for sticking my tongue out at you and your staff post surgery.  That laughing gas can really intoxicate a girl.  My mom won't let me live that one down! haha..  Thanks again!
One of your biggest fans and a very grateful patient,
YM Viray


Doctor Andrew Chang & Staff,

I am not one to write letters, but this cannot go unsaid. It is quite obvious that you, and your personnel are among, if not the best, at the work you all perform, without question. Teamwork with knowledge & experience, leadership etc.....is the how & why of that. Most importantly though.... You're all just good people. That genuinely care for other people. It is refreshing to see,... I know it when I see it, and it feels good. Your Office makes Trust ...an automatic thing. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely,

T.L. Braden (www.sdlagoon.com)


Dear Dr. Chang,

I have thought about writing this Thank You letter for a while. You and your staff have done a remarkable job in treating my son's gum tumor. In 2003, from an X-Ray film, you found a coin-sized shadow in the right gum of the molar teeth of my son, who was 12 years old then. You evaluated, analyzed and explained the situations to myself and my wife. Immediately, you performed surgery to remove the infected gum tissue, which turned out to be osteoblastoma, a benign tumor. It turned out that the surgery was perfectly done. After the surgery, you had administered and monitored my son's gum tissue recovery during the next 5 years. During the period, you also performed gum bone grafting to strengthen my son's gum bed. In 2008 you conducted an implant for my son's molar tooth. Today, my son is perfectly healthy and has great teeth and smile. Our entire family is very grateful to you and your staff for everything you have done to treat my son. You are a great doctor. You have not only demonstrated a highest level of professionalism but also provided a strong sense of caring for my son. I just want to write this letter to express our gratitude and thankfulness.

Best Regards,

P. Wang


Dear Dr. Andrew Chang,

Many thanks for doing such an excellent job of extracting my wisdom tooth. I was scared to go but because you knew Dr. Jim, I knew I could trust you. He highly recommended you and I can see why. I feel so much better and I think this, and the other tooth, may have caused me to have such terrible sinus infections over the years. Your work is truly 'a gift' and I'm thankful to have been your patient. Sincerely,

M. Loringer


Dear Dr. Chang,

I just had my wisdom teeth extracted two weeks ago on August 3rd and Dr. Chang and his staff ensured that my procedure was going to be smooth one. They explained to me what they were going to do which is very important in any medical procedure. Especially surgery. I cannot emphasize this enough. They had my complete trust and I was confident in Dr. Chang's practice and abilities. He was recommended to me through my family dentist whom I've had since I was six so I knew I was going to receive the best service available. He was very helpful and concerned with me and I absolutely appreciate his patient care.

G. Duenas


Dear Dr. Chang and Staff,

I am writing this letter because, I came to you in an emergency. I needed to have some teeth extractions. It had been a long time since I had been to the Dentist. I have always been scared to come to the Dentist. I didn’t feel embarrassed. You and you’re staff were wonderful to me. Made me feel safe and took a little of the fear away from me. It made me feel so much better to know that I was in a safe place. Thank you for all the wonderful care I was shown before, during and after my oral surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. Hopper. So I'm sure I will be seeing you in the future.  Thank you again for taking such good care of me. Have a good day,

S. Honsberger


Hi Dr. Chang and Staff,

Thanks so much for doing a great job on my wisdom tooth extractions!  Not only did you perform the surgery without any complications, but you and your staff were always there whenever I had a question, from what to eat after surgery to what to expect, postop.

I’ll be seeing you soon for my orthognathic surgery (jaw reconstruction surgery), and while I admit I’m a little nervous, I know that I am in great hands. I’ve definitely done my research, and everyone I’ve talked to cites YOU as the best oral surgeon in San Diego!  The fact that you have such a wonderful reputation makes me feel secure that I’ve chosen the right surgeon for the job!  I’ll be seeing you in 2008, and strangely enough, I’m actually looking forward to it!  Take care!

Q. Nguyen


To Dr. Chang,

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your staff and you! I was terrified to have my wisdom teeth out and you made the entire experience a complete breeze for me! You and your staff helped ease my nervousness and after all it wasn't bad at all. Thank you for everything.

S. Murnane


Hello Dr. Chang

I would like to thank you for making my wisdom teeth removal experience easy and pain free. You and your staff are very professional and comforting. I really appreciate all you have done for me, and will continue to recommend your office to anybody who needs any kind of oral surgery.

Thank you for everything,

W. Pural


Hey Doctor Chang:

Thank you for doing my surgery so well. I was so scared about it but you and your staff made it really easy and comfortable. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Thank you again.

K. Bibel


Dr. Chang and Staff~

I brought my 9 yr old, Briahna into your office on Monday to have 2 teeth extracted, and I had to take a moment to thank you. Dr. Chang, your gentleness and bedside manner were greatly appreciated. Briahna is very apprehensive and I truly believe your kindness & time to take & explain, made her get through the procedure much better. I am a grateful Mommy! Milli Grazie (million thanks in Italian),

M. Leamon and Briahna


Dear Dr. Chang and Staff,

Thank you ALL for the wonderful care and expertise I was shown before, during, and after my oral surgery. I will definitely refer family and friends to you doc!!! Sincerely,

A. Sulit


Dear Dr. Chang,

I appreciate your kindness to me while extracting my two teeth. You were very gentle and very professional. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks once again.

F. Fohl


Doctor Chang & Staff~

Thank you all so much for making my oral surgery as painless as possible. I was so nervous about it, but everyone was wonderful. Everything was fully explained to me, and great care was taken to make sure that I was comfortable. You all really made it almost stress-free. I also appreciated the follow-up call a few days later, just to make sure I was OK, and to see if I had any questions. Thank-you all!

D. Bradshaw


To: Dr. Andrew K. Chang

Thank you for fixing my teeth to grow and have space for my other teeth to grow. I can't wait until I have a nice smile! Always,

C. Nunez


Dear Dr.Chang,

Just wanted to say thank you very much for being the kindest, amazing doctor! You definitely made my wisdom teeth surgery a good experience (no horror stories here!) You are a really good role model as well, and I hope I'll be able to do what you have done someday too. We will definitely recommend you to everyone! Thanks very much!

J. Noguchi


Hi Dr. Chang,

Remember me? I am soooo happy with the results of your surgery! Everyday gets better and better. It is so nice to be ignored and not be the object of derision and stares. Thank you for changing my life!

E.D. (facial reconstruction patient)


Dear Dr. Chang and Staff,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did removing my wisdom teeth! I was so scared to have this done but after meeting with Dr. Chang just one time, I was put at ease mostly because I noticed how confident you all were about your abilities. You really helped turn what could have been a bad experience in to a rather positive one. Thank you again for all your great work. The world is lucky to have people like you all!

E. Stark


Dear Dr. Chang

I can't thank you enough for doing such good work saving me from complications and pain, and a root canal/tooth loss,and a broken jaw, and bone taken from my hip, and having my jaw wired shut, and a scar left on my face, but worst of all, many months of going without a taco. I don't think I could have stood it. I'm happy to have you as part of my medical repertoire. I'll be seeing you again. Thanks for everything. P.S. Thanks for the 20lb. weight loss.

R. Lake


Dr. Chang

Thank you for the extra care concerning Jadah's extractions. Sorry for all the after hour interruptions. Good news is... I've got three down and only one to go!! You are a great Dentist and a wonderful person. Take Care,

J. and D. Lipscomb


Dear Dr. Chang:

Thank you very much for the excellent work you did on my infected tooth today. The extraction went so very well. Even though I was a bit bummed by needing this, I am truly blessed by, and very grateful for your expertise. Anytime the subject of teeth, oral surgery etc. comes up in conversation with friends, colleagues( yes how we do talk about health these days), I always mention your name.  I greatly respect you. Thank you again --my husband, John thinks the world of you.

Very best wishes and highest regards to you,

L. and J. Seaman
University City




Thanks for doing a great job on my wisdom teeth Dr.Chang,  I was very excited when they got pulled out because I did not even know what happened.  All of you are great people and wish to thank everyone for doing the procedure right. 

P.S. Thanks for the jamba  juice card my friends work there and I got to chat with them some.

C. Neatherlin


Good morning,

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed in late July. The experience was better than I could have expected. The general anesthesia put me out completely and I had no recollection of the actual surgery. When I woke I had no pain but was not as disoriented as I had expected. Following surgery, there were no side effects and any type of bleeding went away within a day. I did not even need to use all of my pain medication prescribed to me, which is a testament to the job Dr. Chang performed removing my impacted teeth. Especially within the first few days, I was surprised by how little pain I had. My sister is planning on having her wisdom teeth removed soon, and I would recommend Dr. Chang to anyone who needs to have oral surgery performed. FYI, I apologize my posting this testimonial so late, just put it off until now. Also, I looked up that surf spot called Ralph’s, I guess you can’t just walk from Pt. Loma or you will get fined, really do need a boat to get there. All of my spots are just getting way too crowded.  

A. Cam